Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Glenn Beck's Advice

All of you know that I have been dreading today. I listened to Glenn Beck this morning for some solice. I was not disappointed. To paraphrase him, he said that after much soul searching he will accept BHO as his president. He will support BHO when he feels he is right, and stand up against him when he is wrong. This is how I feel as well, and the only way I can feel peace about this.

Meredith told me that in BHO's acceptance speech he said that he will be president to the approximately 58 million people who didn't vote for him. I am going to hold him to his words and insist that he keep our country safe, support our troops, and quit killing babies. I am sure that I'll come up with other things. I will be a frequent visitor/commentor to the White House comment line and will continue to leave my messages for the president on their website. BHO needs to know how the real people in "fly over" country feel about things if he is going to be "our president."


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Bobbi Jo said...

That was a good post. Did you hear the prayer that was given at the inauguration today? Well that preacher sure was racist if you ask me. There sure is a lot of Bush hanging around from all that he said today. Love ya, Bobbi Jo