Monday, September 7, 2009

Yes, Daisy Joined a Gang

You all know how Daisy has been digging her way out of the yard. Well, she's been AWOL for quite a while now. Well over a week. We see her running around with 2 German Shepherds. They come up on the hill behind our house and taunt the other dogs. Daisy will come home when it rains. She is afraid of thunder, but I am sure that she is telling her homedogs that she has to go and protect the humans because they get so scared.

When we see her, we call her. She looks at us with disdain and runs off with her posse. Déja vu! A friend of mine that lives nearby sees them running around together too. We are hoping that this is just a midlife crisis. She obviously thinks that she is too cool to hang with Dirtball and Mena.

More Pix From Weekend w/Jake

The one with three guys in it are Jake (middle) with 2 of his buddies. These other guys were in charge of security on that day. We had to sign in and sign out there.

Jake put on the top part of his uniform so Meredith could have a picture. You can't see that he is wearing jeans on the bottom half. LOL!

I don't know if you can see this. The screen is in the way. This sign is in Jake's window specifying whose room it is.

I had a really good time. I miss Jake. Both Jake and Alex are coming home for Christmas.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Trip to Camp Pendleton

We went to see Jake at Camp Pendleton. We had a good time. It was SO good to see him again. It was fun to see where he lives and meet some of his friends. I loved playing in the ocean. I had such a good time that I didn't want to leave.

I really miss my kids who don't live at home. I hope that Meredith, Savannah, Alex, Jake, and Samarah know how much I love them. I miss them when they are gone.

I haven't heard from St. Louis University yet. However, I am in the process of applying for the program at University of Cincinnati. It appears to have more support for the students. They seem to be on top of things and very caring. Wish me luck.