Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I originally post something here, but I lost it. I would like to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! I count all of you as blessings in my life.

To Mark: Thank you for marrying me. Many were not brave enough to take on the task. Some were deterred because I had been married before. You were kind enough to look into my heart and over look the past. After all these years, you still put up with my quirks. Thank you. I love you.

To My Children: What a wonderful blessing you are to me in my life. After my car accident I had been told that I would never be able to have children. So all of you are my miracle babies. I love each and every one of you. It has been a challenge to me to back off and let my adult children live their lives. I feel I am getting better with this, but know I am always here for you if you need me. I know that we man not agree with everything, but it is your life, not mine. Samarah, I enjoy watching you grow up. It is more relaxing to me because I have learned many things from your siblings and try not to make the same mistakes I made with them. I love and cherish you all. I am very proud of all of you. I am SO excited to see all of you.

To Bobbi: Thank you for taking a chance on me all those years ago. You went against "public opinion" and was my friend from the get-go. I look up to you and your talents. You influence me in a most positive way.

To FN (Coco): You know that I love you. You have such a wonderful sense of humor and I always have fun with you. You have inherited your mom's creativity. I am very proud of you for how you have handled life. You are a really good mom and wife. You do the family proud.

I love you all,


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From Savannah, Jess, Pantera

From Savannah, Jess, Pantera

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Home From Work

Wow, it was a crazy night. We flew a baby down to the valley, and another one will probably be joining him. The tech and secretary went to Walgreens around 0230, and wouldn't you know it, a laboring mom is 10 cm dilated and wants to push. I make the 2nd call to the doctor, he is in Pinetop going past the Safeway there. Will he make it in time? 3 of us go into deliver the baby. Doc gets there in time, two pushes and baby is out. Gotta love it. I love the drama.

Interesting hospital politics. I guess my boss isn't happy that they are trying to send me to ER tonight to work. She is fighting it. It is nice to be wanted...I guess. She had better watch it. The Empress still has not yet pardoned her for her actions of my last post. LOL. I wonder how the "Schrute Shun" would work?

Well, I have probably revealed too much here. All in all, it was a fun night. What will I do for an encore now that I am home? Well, I forgot that Sami has off of school, and called her at 0630 to ask if she needs a ride to school. Ooops! I could let the cat in our room so she can stare at Mark while he is sleeping. Naaah, that would be mean.

We leave a week from today for Alex's graduation. I am really excited. Well, off to bed.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Empress' Ravings

I found this picture and I thought I'd post it. Poor thing always gets the maiden name of her gggrandma confused.

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I had a long talk with Bobbi the other evening. I really look up to her. She has a gift for bringing civility into a hostile world. I admire her for this. Her talents are many, and the best part is that she is really willing to share. I have been looking at a few of her recommended blogsites, and have learned a lot. Thank you, Bobbi. I love you.

Yesterday was not a fun day. Our unit is moving to the new tower. Well, it was postponed, again. I found out that I need to leave for the airport at 0400 on 12/3.
This would entail taking off 2 hours early from work. My boss would not let me. Although there is a nurse that works once a week from 1800 - 0200. I was told to find a replacement or trade. By the way, I also had to find a replacement for training as I am orienting a new nurse to the unit. Thus I had to find 2 nurses to cover me. Are they telling me that it takes 2 nurses to do my job? Heck, I better ask them for compensation in pay then. LOL. Anyway, it took me most of the day to get a hold of my boss, and work this out. I was so upset that I would miss Alex's graduation over a stupid change that admin made. I found nurses to cover me and extra ones called willing to help out too. I am so thankful for these wonderful women. I love each and every one of them. They all knew how much this meant to me. I am very blessed.

I found a song that I can't get out of my head. It is Coldplay's "Viva La Vida." I love it. It is about the French Revolution, and what happens to one when they think that they are all that, and they are really not. One could equate it to our country if people don't get their lives back on track with the Lord, and we don't get rid of our unrighteous law makers. Here it is:

Well, got to get ready for work. Love you all.

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

I Am So Grateful!

"You guys can come and visit me in Afghanistan. The only bad thing is that you'll have to watch out for snipers." Alex Houser in conversation with Dad.

Alex called us 3 times today. I spoke with Jake on Friday night, and Dad is on the phone with him now. Mark and I leave on 12/3/08 to see Alex and bring him home. I am so excited, I can't stand it. Jake is meeting us in Colorado for Christmas. He even had a long talk with Samarah, and couldn't believe how much she had grown up. He sounds really excited about the get together as well. I am so blessed, I could just cry. All of you know how very long I have prayed for something like this. If only Savannah and her family could make it to Colorado, we would have our own mini version of the gathering of Isreal!

Church was really great. Mark and I teach Sunday School. It was my turn this week. We went to Church with one of the kids in our class (16 y/o) when we lived in Alma 3rd Ward. He is Tom and Sheila Bennett's grandson. His uncles and great-grandma lived next door to the Smiths, one street down from us. We knew his family well, and loved them. Anyway, this kid is kind of shy. He asked his mom,"How come my Sunday School teachers know so much about our family." I guess we kind of "freaked him out" (as Ryan would put it). His mom explained while laughing.

I work on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Mark will be making the Thanksgiving dinner while I sleep. Hooahh and Ooorah!



Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy Birthday, Alex!

Pvt. Alexander P. Houser

I can't believe that he is 21 today! I just had him yesterday!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Troubles With Background Changes

Thank you to Meredith for help with this. I wanted to change my background and thoroughly messed things up. My advise to anyone reading this: NEVER download "Webfetti" or any of their products. They sneakily infiltrate your computer and you can't get their junk off your website. It was time for me to clean house with my outdate political stuff anyway.

Love you all,