Monday, May 11, 2009

Pitching Fits

Pantera has been pitching quite a few fits lately. I tell Savannah that it is hereditary. One time, Tera was throwing one at my house. It was not up to Ste-Michel standards. I told her to stop, then got on the floor and demonstrated what a fit should look like. Savannah was not pleased.

I have looked for pictures of Savannah having temper tantrums, but to no avail as of this writing. However, I do have some good pics of what appears to be Savannah picking on Meredith.

Meredith hated sailor dresses. It looks like she is ready to throw a fit at the school presentation.

Meredith in scratchy baptismal dress. Savannah looks like she is laughing at her. I believe a fit ensued.

Savannah with juicy cup on carpet. Dad would have thrown the fit if he had seen this.

Savannah did her own hair this day. She would have had a fit had I redone it.

Me getting ready to pitch a fit because I didn't want to get out of the car. Drove poor Mom crazy up to the very end.

I didn't want my picture taken with Mom. Building up to throw a major fit.

When Savannah would have a tantrum, Meredith would dutifully report to us, "Mom, Dad, Savannah is taking one of her fits." So now you all see that Tera comes by it honestly.


Bobbi Jo said...

Hey I have some narcs in my house too! Love, Bobbi Jo

Ham N Cheese said...

I am so stinkin cute!!!