Sunday, May 3, 2009

Kyle, Coco, and Talmage's Visit

For any of you that don't know them, the first picture is of my FN (Fave Niece)Coco and her son, the ever adorable Talmage.

This is my other FN (Fave Nephew) Kyle (Coco's hubby):

These are pix of Talmage with my cat, Suzu.

Kyle, Coco, and Talmage came over for dinner today. I am always so happy to see them. Talmage loves my cat, Suzu. I am shocked that she doesn't try to scratch him. She doesn't even try to run away. He tries to be gentle with her. If Mark or Alex come into the room she runs and hides. However, I think that Suzu likes Talmage in her own wierd Siamese way.

I always laugh so hard when they come over. I truly love them and enjoy their visits.

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Ham N Cheese said...

That is the CUTEST picture of Talmage and Suzu!