Sunday, December 7, 2008

Pvt. Alexander P. Houser, USA


We attended Alex's graduation from Ft. Leonard Wood. He looked so good. It was great to be with him again. The ceremony was very touching. Alex steered me away from his Drill Sargeants. I can't imagine why. (Although I did introduce myself the next day when he was elsewhere!) I am thinking that he thought I was going to say something like, "Do you know how long it took me to wean him?" Or, "Where can I get dog tags to match Alex's? I want to do a Mommy/Son match thing."

It was freezing cold back there, but very humid so we felt the cold. When we got back home, the temp was pretty much the same, but with the dryness we didn't feel the cold. Alex has been assigned to Ft. Richardson. This is in Anchorage, instead of Fairbanks. It is warmer in Anchorage because of the ocean.

Alex is at a friend's house in the Valley for a few days. This friend is going into the Army next month, so there is a lot to talk about apparently. We will meet up with him later in the week, and he will be doing Recruiter Assistance in Show Low.
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Jacob and Meredith Hammond said...

You always wanted one of your boys to voluntarily wear a baret (is that how you spell it?) - this must be your happy day!

Humper's Family said...

I am still creeped out that he is clean!!! We should have sent him to basic training when he was 5.

Jacob and Meredith Hammond said...

I agree with Savannah - but then he probably would have packed a bunch of canned food to bring along with him and then would have had to pay extra for his flight... hahaha

Bobbi Jo said...

Your girls crack me up! Alex looks great. I am very proud yet jealous of him.
It was great talking with you. Hugs, Bobbi Jo