Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Home From Work

Wow, it was a crazy night. We flew a baby down to the valley, and another one will probably be joining him. The tech and secretary went to Walgreens around 0230, and wouldn't you know it, a laboring mom is 10 cm dilated and wants to push. I make the 2nd call to the doctor, he is in Pinetop going past the Safeway there. Will he make it in time? 3 of us go into deliver the baby. Doc gets there in time, two pushes and baby is out. Gotta love it. I love the drama.

Interesting hospital politics. I guess my boss isn't happy that they are trying to send me to ER tonight to work. She is fighting it. It is nice to be wanted...I guess. She had better watch it. The Empress still has not yet pardoned her for her actions of my last post. LOL. I wonder how the "Schrute Shun" would work?

Well, I have probably revealed too much here. All in all, it was a fun night. What will I do for an encore now that I am home? Well, I forgot that Sami has off of school, and called her at 0630 to ask if she needs a ride to school. Ooops! I could let the cat in our room so she can stare at Mark while he is sleeping. Naaah, that would be mean.

We leave a week from today for Alex's graduation. I am really excited. Well, off to bed.

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Bobbi Jo said...

You are so funny! It is good to be wanted sometimes.
Hope the baby that was flown to the valley is okay.
I love the picture of the Wicked Witch and the flying monkey way too funny!! Where in the world do you get these. Ha Ha
Hugs, Bobbi Jo