Sunday, March 29, 2009

Colorado and Catching Up

These are a couple of pictures from when I went to Colorado last week. Meredith, Samarah, and I went to Pearl St. in Boulder. That is a place that has all these cool stores, and a "busy, and creepy place" as Samarah describes it. It was like kind of going back into time. Hippies, musicians, shops, jugglers. I loved it!

The picture of me sitting on the settée is in a store called "DecorAsian." I am pretending to be visiting with guests in my pretend living room. We had to make it a quick shot before I got caught by store personnel. I absolutely fell in love with the store. The prices were very steep. However, Meredith and I each got a pair of earrings that were very reasonably priced.

As for the bellydancing costume, I never wore this kind when I was dancing, even when my name was Jihan.

It was good to get away. I came home sooner than Mark and Samarah as I had to go to work. I ended up working 3 nights in a row, instead of the usual 2. I am just now starting to get over it.

I have been busy sleeping, working, writing my letters to Obama, and doing signs. I am also now a volunteer on a website called I will be doing research and working on a webpage for veterans about their benefits.

The volcano in Mt. Redoubt in AK erupted yesterday at 1515. I am told that it is far enough away from Ft. Richardson where Alex is at that they didn't suffer any ill effects from the volcanic eruption. However, they are covered in volcanic ash, which is a health hazard all of its own. I haven't been able to get a hold of Alex at the time of this posting.

I spoke with Jake last night. He has a cold and is trying to fight it. It was good to talk with him. Mark and I are planning a tentative trip to see him in June.

Miss you all.


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